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Hwang’s Martial Arts is located in Louisville, KY and is home to the 1984 Silver Olympic Medalist, Grandmaster Hwang who founded Hwang’s Martial Arts. Grandmaster Hwang is not only the founder of Hwang’s Martial Arts, he has also donated $750,000 to date by his direction and students to the community.

We are more than just a Martial Arts Program. We offer a wide variety of programs such as after-school program, birthday parties, all day summer camps, judo, and Hapkido. Our instructors and volunteers set Hwang’s Martial Arts apart from other martial arts programs in the region. We have 3 convenient locations in the community to serve all areas of the city.

The Hwang’s Martial Arts team is dedicated and committed to giving back to the community through fundraising and hard work. Over the years Hwang’s Martial Arts has been able to contribute to the community through its charity partnerships.

BEGINNERS! – Try 2 Martial Arts Classes for an Introductory Rate of $15!

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